Meet the Founder

Karla Davis is the founder/editor-in-chief and contributing writer for Business Minded Women, B.M.W blog, a platform for entrepreneurs, she writes through her own business journey and experiences and she loves to interview and spotlight entrepreneurs who work hard to make their dreams a reality.

Karla has been helping women make meaningful connections through her organization Business Minded Women, B.M.W since 2011.

She has defeated the odds and has overcome many obstacles in her life as well as in business but has never given up on what she believes in, and never letting anything stop her grind. Karla believes in self-motivation and surrounding herself with positive, successful individuals. Karla encourages women to stay focused on their dreams with sharing her

motto “You Are Your Only Limit” and “Stay Focused”. She has produced her own fasion shows, started her own line of waist trainers and shares her knowledge of healthy lifestyle options.

Karla knows what it takes to have a vision and the hard work it takes to put in to accomplish goals.

She started with an idea to help other women feel empowered and to encourage each other through her first business endeavor Intimate Xpressions, IX Wear, Workout Trainers By IX for women who want to achieve fitness goals. She hopes to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs through the B.M.W blog.

“My vision is to encourage young entrepreneurs overcome barriers and fears of entrepreneurship and everything that comes along with becoming a successful entrepreneur!” -Karla Davis