5 Tips To Find Your Divine Purpose in Life

Do you know your purpose?
Do you know what you were called to do??

Alot of times we DON’T, however what we DO know is that we ALL have a divine purpose here on earth. We were put here for reasons that we probably haven’t discovered yet, and it takes time to find what those reasons are, but we all have a purpose. Have you ever sat back and thought, I know there’s something greater for my life but what is it...??

Well, I know I have, and at some point a light 💡 goes off (not literally, but you know what I mean) sometimes it takes some longer than others to discover what that looks like and it’s OK.

Whatever your purpose is God will guide your steps accordingly.

Do not expect to not run into obstacles while figuring out your divine purpose. There may be some days you get discouraged and challenges WILL come, stay surrounded by positive people and things to get you through those rough days and know that nothing happens overnight everything takes time.

Your Purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it – Buddah

5 tips to discover YOUR Divine Purpose in life:

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10 Tips To Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

It seems like it’s getting worse everyday especially when we turn on the news, always a new tragedy or new case. As we try to get through this pandemic, people are getting sick and losing loved one’s due to this virus and we are being quarantined. This is very real. We have to continue to stay positive, work together and stay home during this difficult time, UNLESS it’s a MUST we go out, we have to stay home. This is difficult for some of us, I know, but it’s real.

The government isn’t telling us we can’t go outside at all, we just have to take precautions, continue social distancing and use our masks and gloves when going to grocery stores, gas stations, ect. Outside of that we have to STAY HOME.

Think about your day to day activities. Make sure you are including the kids. Let’s stay focused on what’s important and think about others while we get through this. My prayers to all let us keep praying this thing will be over soon.

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What is Generational Wealth and How Important is it to You??

Let me first share my disclaimer: I am in no way a financial advisor nor am I a financial expert. This blog post is based on the knowledge of what I’ve learned from the experts and what I apply in my own life.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…let’s talk!

Alot of times, we don’t think about building generational wealth nor how important it is, especially having so many other priorities going on, did you know you can build generational wealth through having trusts, and life insurance? Not only that, saving a good amount of money and not buying so many unnecessary things helps as well. I will share some ways to build wealth later, some you may already know and some you may not know. What does generational wealth mean anyway and why is it so important?? How do you actually build it?? It’s an important conversation to have so, let’s talk about it!

What is Generational Wealth?
Generational wealth is wealth that is passed down from generation to generation by investing and accumulating assets to provide financial security for the future.

Having young children or planning to have children and a family is a good time to start looking further into investments and planning for the future. However, I have a 23y/o and a 2 y/o granddaughter, so for me educating my son based on my knowledge and what I know helps him with the planning of his future.

Building Something That Outlives You should be the ultimate goal to wealth building. It’s also good to have a financial advisor or talk to people who have actually done it or doing it. I like to stay surrounded by people who have these conversations about wealth building and are actually doing it. One thing I’ve learned is everyone builds wealth in different ways, what works for some may not work for others.

It starts with educating yourself and being surrounded by the right people who have these conversations. Alot of us are use to buying “things” that will never build generational wealth but learning to invest in things that actually have value and could bring possibly bring residual income is a good way to see a ROI (return on investment), something that I could see; money coming in vs going out. Acquiring assets, learning to save and making smart money investments that make sense is the goal.

After learning what building wealth meant to me and how to start building it, it became more important for me to start making better money decisions. I was inspired to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which is an awesome book and gives great scenarios on how the rich vs poor think. I also follow my favorite financial expert that gives it to you just like it is, Dave Ramsey.

Learning more about building wealth gave me a different perspective as it relates to saving my money, entrepreneurship, and how to handle my investments. When you take time to build a strategy that works for you and your family, stick to that and educate your children on the importance of building wealth for their family.

Now let’s go back, how important is this to you?” Do you know how to build wealth for generations??
If we aren’t taught, how would we know the importance of generational wealth and how to build it unless we talk about it? I’ve shared a few tips below that I hope will help.

Tips on ways to start building generational wealth based on what I’ve learned:

  • Talk to a financial advisor
  • Building multiple streams of income
  • Specific types of real estate investing
  • Saving a percentage of your income
  • Invest in educating yourself; especially on your finances
  • Be an optimist
  • Take risks
  • Educate your children about finances

Business Startup; What You Should Know When Building Your Business From The Ground Up

Do you have a vision or a concept you think will help others?? Starting a business can be exciting but it can also be scary. Not knowing where to start, how to register your business, business entities, business credit, business loans…there’s a lot to starting a business, however if you have a vision and a plan, you can make it happen! Hard work, dedication and being disciplined is also apart of the process.

Business Startup Image

Not only did I start my businesses from the ground up, but I did not know everything I needed to know when I started to run my business, yes, I made mistakes, as most entrepreneurs do, however as time went on I learned a lot and from the mistakes made. When they say “experience is the best teacher” they are right. One mistake I made was not getting my business registered. I had the vision, I had the plan but I didn’t do the most important parts. Once I got that started THEN I was ready to rock! Nope, I still needed to make sure my business name was registered NOW I’m ready to rock! There are a few other things you have to make sure you put in place when starting your business from the ground up once you’ve done all of the legal stuff. Now that I have everything in place, it’s time to start building my networks, create my website and get started on my marketing and branding. One of the best things I could have done was network with some great entrepreneurs who had been in business for years, you can always get great nuggets to apply to your own business.

So, marketing your business and building your brand is a major part of people knowing who you are and what it is you do. Think about the BIG companies, you know most of them from their branding and how they market their business. It’s a good idea when starting your business to have a marketing plan and hire someone to help you with bringing it all to fruition. You want to be sure you have an online presence by creating a website or landing page, your marketing/web consultant will be able to help you bring all of your visions to reality. When you have built your client/customer base you can have them all check out your products/services on your website which makes it convenient for them to get info, book appointments or shop. Having a website will also bring you new clients/ customers through google searches, keywords etc.

Building your own business is not going to be easy, you will have to do everything do not be afraid to hire people to run your business and be clear on your plan. Stay focused, not giving up and following these good steps…

A few things to remember when starting your business from the ground up:

  • Make sure your business is registered properly
  • You are your brand
  • Create realistic goals and put them on paper or someone where you can see them
  • Be sure to create a great marketing plan
  • Build your network
  • Hire someone to help you bring your plan to reality
  • Work on your business goals everyday

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Let’s Talk Business: Network Monthly with Business Minded Women

Once a month a few of my business friends and myself get together and invite new entrepreneurs to join us to talk business. We have realtors/brokers, wedding coordinators, marketing consultants, makeup artists, fitness trainers, authors, just to name a few of those who have joined us! I want to invite you to come out and network with these brilliant minds as we brainstorm and talk about important business topics in a casual, fun environment. I’ve found that meeting other Business Minded people is not as bad as it seems! You learn more and you can talk to people who actually “get it” not to mention building your networks and creating partnerships, you never know who you might meet at our networking meetups! For more information contact us.

Need location?

Contact: Business Minded Women, B.M.W

Tips On When and How You Should Give Out Your Business Card

Each month some of my entrepreneur friends and I get together and have business conversations and brainstorming sessions, every month we discuss one new business topic.

One of our topics this month was “How and when to give someone your business card”. What’s interesting to me is, how some people are really not big on business cards because they look at social media as their business card. Social media is great, I just feel like offline gives a person a better feel of who you are first. Also, giving someone your business card is important when attending networking events, and talking to people who may not have social media.

Most people want to be able to contact you via phone or email, also a business card shows a little more professionalism, in my opinion. We talked alittle about this as the person who would be receiving someone’s business card and how we would want to be approached.

With that being said, I’ve found that sharing a few tips would help when making the decision to share your business card with the right people.

Here are a few tips to remember when sharing your business card/ information with someone you don’t know (offline):

  1. Energy is everything.
  2. Just walking up to someone and saying “here’s my card”, “this is what I do” may not get you clients/customers.
  3. When engaging in a conversation, you could introduce yourself and share your business card/information with them at that time.
  4. Being personable is important in deciding if a person wants to do business with you.
  5. Always be genuine and be yourself.

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How To Leverage Your Business Relationships

What does it mean to leverage your business relationships? What can you do to leverage your business relationships?

Although this may sound alarming to some, think about it, when you shop…you want to experience great customer service, correct?! Getting to know people and building great relationships can lead to many great opportunities especially as a business owner. I think this is very important when it comes to leveraging business relationships.

Some people make decisions to work with you on projects based on your relationship or the impression you left on them.

Think of it as a win win situation, building great relationships with those in your networks can be key to referrals or other great business opportunities.

Honesty and integrity, among other things, will take you a long way in any relationship!

Bottom line is, leveraging your business relationships can be a good thing depending on how you choose to do it.

A few tips to start leveraging your business relationships:

  • Work with other entrepreneurs
  • Be valuable
  • Know your business goals
  • Engage with others online and offline

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Meet Teen Entrepreneur Miss Taylor Harrell, the Winner of My Girlfriends House, Teenpreneur Challenge

This past weekend, I had the opportunity of working on a project that is near and dear to the Business Minded Womens’ heart apart of our mission is supporting young entrepreneurs in their businesses. I was able to work with My Girlfriend’s House, a non-profit organization of a community of women supporting and empowering each other. I was honored to sit on a sharktank panel with 3 other professionals as 6 teen entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to us and they did an amazing job doing so!

HOWever, when I tell you this was not easy at all, IT WAS NOT EASY…AT ALL!

All of the young ladies ranged in age from 11-16, they all had great businesses and business plans, unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

One young lady stood out the most to us, she showed great confidence and knowledge of her price points and products.

The winner of the teen entrepreneur challenge was 12 -year -old, Miss Taylor

Harrell, president and founder of her boutique @beadzfrmtay, her business creates customized bracelets, ankle bracelets and waist beads. I see this young lady going far in her entrepreneurial journey!

Taylor and her mom were very excited and deserving as she was the winner of a prize package of $14,397 to support her college and future business endeavors, which included her doing a segment on WUSA channel 9 this past Monday morning!

She is being mentored through her business and we plan to update you all later on throughout Miss Taylor’s business journey. In the meantime, follow her on Instagram: @beadzfrmtay

For inquiries or orders, email: beadzfrmtay@gmail.com

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Monday Morning Motivation!

I love this photo of Regina King!!!
Speaks volumes on how hard she’s worked and how important it is to keep pushing and staying focused on your goals!!
Never concern yourself with the naysayers just keep striving for greatness!

Entrepreneurship: On The Outside Looking In

How many know that being an entrepreneur is more work than what most people think it is???

It’s blood, sweat and tears… sometimes literally!!! Some think it’s just you selling your product or services and you make money….!! 😂🤣


Looking at it from the outside, sure that’s what it looks like. However, sometimes people have good reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, some may not be the taking directions from a supervisor or manager on a 9to5 type and would much rather lead and oversee…OR maybe the person is super creative and choose to make the decisions on “what” and “how” they want things done. You have some who would rather just have more time in their day vs sitting in an office all day building up someone else’s empire so they choose to do what it takes to build their own.

Either way you look at it, it’s not always easy. I saw this image below and thought to myself…a 3rd holiday home?? But I got the message….😊

It definitely takes hard work and dedication. It’s also a good idea to have a good marketing plan and having “tough skin” to be able to maintain your sanity most times helps too.

You may even lose some people along the way that may not understand your journey or may not even believe in your goals, some may not even LIKE the way you do things! You will go through many ups and downs but if entrepreneurship is what you are seeking and you are passionate about it, don’t give up!

All I can say is stand strong on what you believe in and stay surrounded by successful, positive beings and those who are genuinely in your corner!

Written by: KarlatheCeo

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