BMW Business Spotlight: Women Entrepreneurs who support women entrepreneurs

I am happy to share this business spotlight with you all. This young lady has been opening her space up to women entrepreneurs for about a year to have a place where people buy and sell products/services as well as host events. I’m happy to share that I was able to support some of the awesome vendors and be a vendor myself as well as host an event at the Sole Girl Fashion Market!

During this pandemic, so many have started businesses to make money to pay bills and take care of their families. Right now, it is so important to have a place to be able to sell your products as people are being laid off and businesses are closing, it is awesome to have places to go that practice social distancing and enforce the importance of wearing your masks while conducting business.

Meet Shannon Thornton, owner of Sole Girl Shoe Party and SoleGirl Fashion Market. I and I’m sure others who you’ve supported and shared your space with appreciate you as well for all of your support and being a blessing to women entrepreneurs who own a business and want to share their products/services. You are Business Minded Women Business Spotlight!

To contact Shannon,

Instagram: @SoleGirlShoeParty | @SoleGirlFashionMarket
Facebook: Sole Girl Shoe Party | Sole Girl Fashion Market

Every Saturday 10am – 4pm at Sole Girl Fashion Market located at 8309 Old Branch Ave in Clinton, MD 20735

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