Every Season Serves It’s Purpose

Are you ready for the next chapter of your life? Everyday you wake up you start a new chapter that’s waiting to be written.

This new season that I’m in is teaching me to get out of my own way and with my efforts, my drive, my vision, my determination I have become more and more fearLESS in my journey; I know anything is possible. This is bigger than just me. I have people who depend on me and believe in me, but for me, life is about learning from mistakes and continuing to inspire and encourage others. With every new season I reinvent myself because that is how I progress in my life, I encourage YOU to do the same! You can do anything you want and be successful at it, just know that the roads are long and the journey will not always be easy.

Every season serves it’s purpose, everything and everyone has a season. I believe my previous season was to remind me of my capabilities and for me to remember who I am as an individual and to focus on my individuality and the things I love to do.

With that said, I am excited about my next season and whatever my higher power has in store for me. I am not afraid of what’s next, instead I welcome the challenge and whatever my God has for me. Staying focused, determined and reminded of who I am, and the goals I have set keeps me excited. Believe in yourself and remind YOU of WHO YOU ARE ANND WHOSE YOU ARE and know that everyone has a season and yours is NOW!

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