BMW Business Spotlight: Women Entrepreneurs who support women entrepreneurs

I am happy to share this business spotlight with you all. This young lady has been opening her space up to women entrepreneurs for about a year to have a place where people buy and sell products/services as well as host events. I’m happy to share that I was able to support some of the awesome vendors and be a vendor myself as well as host an event at the Sole Girl Fashion Market!

During this pandemic, so many have started businesses to make money to pay bills and take care of their families. Right now, it is so important to have a place to be able to sell your products as people are being laid off and businesses are closing, it is awesome to have places to go that practice social distancing and enforce the importance of wearing your masks while conducting business.

Meet Shannon Thornton, owner of Sole Girl Shoe Party and SoleGirl Fashion Market. I and I’m sure others who you’ve supported and shared your space with appreciate you as well for all of your support and being a blessing to women entrepreneurs who own a business and want to share their products/services. You are Business Minded Women Business Spotlight!

To contact Shannon,

Instagram: @SoleGirlShoeParty | @SoleGirlFashionMarket
Facebook: Sole Girl Shoe Party | Sole Girl Fashion Market

Every Saturday 10am – 4pm at Sole Girl Fashion Market located at 8309 Old Branch Ave in Clinton, MD 20735

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Domestic Violence Awareness and Recognizing the signs

This past Tuesday, the hosts of the Men’s Corner DMV talked to special guest Pamela Hawk as she shared her story on domestic abuse and how it affected her as a mother of 4.

Pamela also shared with us some tips on the warning signs and some things you can do if you are ever in a situation and not sure what to do.

A few of the warning signs:

  • Being alienated from family members
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Controlling behavior
  • Financial control

Remember, domestic abuse can be verbal as well as physical. There are also men who experience domestic abuse.

Data from CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) indicates:

  • About 1 in 4 women and nearly 1 in 10 men have experienced contact sexual violence, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime and reported some form of IPV-related impact.
  • Over 43 million women and 38 million men have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime.


1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

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Every Season Serves It’s Purpose

Are you ready for the next chapter of your life? Everyday you wake up you start a new chapter that’s waiting to be written.

This new season that I’m in is teaching me to get out of my own way and with my efforts, my drive, my vision, my determination I have become more and more fearLESS in my journey; I know anything is possible. This is bigger than just me. I have people who depend on me and believe in me, but for me, life is about learning from mistakes and continuing to inspire and encourage others. With every new season I reinvent myself because that is how I progress in my life, I encourage YOU to do the same! You can do anything you want and be successful at it, just know that the roads are long and the journey will not always be easy.

Every season serves it’s purpose, everything and everyone has a season. I believe my previous season was to remind me of my capabilities and for me to remember who I am as an individual and to focus on my individuality and the things I love to do.

With that said, I am excited about my next season and whatever my higher power has in store for me. I am not afraid of what’s next, instead I welcome the challenge and whatever my God has for me. Staying focused, determined and reminded of who I am, and the goals I have set keeps me excited. Believe in yourself and remind YOU of WHO YOU ARE ANND WHOSE YOU ARE and know that everyone has a season and yours is NOW!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Image Courtesy of Karla Hall

As you know, October is breast cancer and domestic violence awareness month. On Tuesday evening, Mens Corner did an interview with 4 time breast cancer survivor Sonice “Sonny” Crowe, who shared her amazing story with us and some great information, from paying attention to how we eat to some of her great holistic health tips.

Sonny even brought her 12 year old son out who spoke so eloquently on his thoughts on pushing through when times get rough, I think he had us all alittle teary eyed with his words that we were not expecting from this young man, which just shows us the amazing job mom is doing with this young man with all that she has to already deal with. This was truly an amazing show.

The Mens Corner was created to give perspective from a man’s point of view but also to talk about topics to keep us all aware of what’s going on in the community, what’s new and business showcasing.

If you missed this show or want to go back to watch past shows, watch and subscribe to Mens Corner on YouTube with your hosts Adrian “Six” Richardson and Faheem Saadiq Abdus-Salaam Men’s Corner every other Tuesday night Live on Facebook at 8pm. Stay tuned for the next show on domestic violence.

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