How To Leverage Your Business Relationships

What does it mean to leverage your business relationships? What can you do to leverage your business relationships?

Although this may sound alarming to some, think about it, when you shop…you want to experience great customer service, correct?! Getting to know people and building great relationships can lead to many great opportunities especially as a business owner. I think this is very important when it comes to leveraging business relationships.

Some people make decisions to work with you on projects based on your relationship or the impression you left on them.

Think of it as a win win situation, building great relationships with those in your networks can be key to referrals or other great business opportunities.

Honesty and integrity, among other things, will take you a long way in any relationship!

Bottom line is, leveraging your business relationships can be a good thing depending on how you choose to do it.

A few tips to start leveraging your business relationships:

  • Work with other entrepreneurs
  • Be valuable
  • Know your business goals
  • Engage with others online and offline

Written by: KarlatheCeo

#businessmindedwomen #leverage #entrepreneurship

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