You Are Your Only Limit

We have embarked on a new year, 2018 is here! We’ve made it through our first 31 days, finally! Now, we can really get focused, create a plan and execute! However, if you havebusinessplan2-1-1030x648-1496859708 a plan and its not being executed this is not going to be your year. We all need a plan, sometimes a Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work. By February being the shortest month of the year, we have to really challenge ourselves and turn those plans into actions, set some realistic goals and get ready to knock them out!

As a CEO myself of 3 businesses, the newest one I will reveal soon, the other is already in motion Intimate Xpressions and editor/creative writer for Business Minded Women, I’ve had to take a short break from everything and actually work on myself, turning my dreams into a reality and implementing my plans…I mean let’s be honest…we can’t sit back and wait for another year to creep up on us! I started this year out by telling myself “NO HALF-STEPPIN”…it might sound a little corny but it is MY own motivation that helps me get through, because at times we do half-step, usually I am self motivated but sometimes we lose focus and have to regain it. During my break, I went out and attended some events, spoke to upcoming business owners and some seasoned vets, all who have inspired and motivated me in some way to keep striving for greatness no matter what!

I want to encourage you, if you have the drive and the business acumen to market your business…do it! It’s not about what you know nowadays its WHO you know. Connecting and building great relationships with people who motivate and inspire you to do more is very important. Sometimes you feed off of a persons energy which a lot of times makes a powerful connection.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to interview some hard working business owners in the area at the ImSoDC Customer Appreciation event held in N.E. Washington D.C. ImSoDC is a local brand that is becoming worldwide. This event showcased some of the areas top businesses. I had the opportunity to talk with a few and learn about their business. I had no idea we had someone in the area designing custom made watches, check out some of these businesses K Joseph Watches, The Bow Tie Legend, Shoset Socks, Black Bella DC, Cigars 210…just to name a few. Some who have been in business only a year others 2 years and some 5+ years, to see the hard work and dedication they all put into selling their products/services and having the opportunity to talk with them gave me even more motivation to continue my journey! Don’t wait for opportunities to come along, create them!


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