It’s time for B.M.W StarBiz of the Month!
I am excited to showcase our Business Minded Woman of the Month of June!
As you know, I support and follow businesses in the area who are motivated and always on their grind online and offline! This young lady is always working no matter where she is or what she’s doing she is always showcasing her brand…
This month’s B.M.W is my friend and Business Owner of the “IMSODC” Brand Frances Hall…unnamed (1)
Frances: Hey B.M.W!!
Frances: Let me start off by saying that this is a great platform to share stories and learn from one another and I am greatly appreciative for the opportunity to share and absorb all that I can.
Thank you so much! We have to create platforms to showcase business owners that work hard. It’s not easy…so I appreciate that…but let’s learn more about your brand! 🙂
Give us some background on yourself and how you got started in your business…
Frances: I am a DC NATIVE born and raised in Ward 8,Southeast, DC. I attended Catholic School from grades 1-12. As a latchkey kid, I spent mostof my younger years playing sports and entering writing contests thru Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Club and DC Park and Recreation to keep busy while my Mom worked two jobs and finished her college education. After High School, I was fortunate to attend Howard University as a Fashion Merchandising Major for two years. I’ve always loved fashion, partly because my Mom loved it. My Moms’ first love were her two girls, education and fashion. She participated in many local fashion shows as a MC, Coordinator and Model. She was also a live window model for L. Franks Department store in the mid 1970’s.
This is the rebirth of the “IMSODC” Brand and I’m extremely proud to so vocal and an active part in it and yes it is indeed a fulltime job. My partner, Beyshan Tucker started the brand a few years ago but became consumed with of other priorities, ie. Personal Shopper/Stylist, Designer,Owner of Lavish Bay Boutique located in Georgetown, Washington, DC, along with other endeavors and was unable to give the Brand the attention required.
How did you come up with the ImSoDC brand name? Which is the bomb by the way….!!
Frances: I remember the conversation like it was yesterday, one Sunday morning we were scrolling thru Facebook when I saw someone advertising their products. I said “IMSODC” is better and I can take it to another level. He asked if I wanted to be his partner, I quickly accepted and have been spearheading this project since June 2016.


What inspired you to start your own business? 
Frances: My inspiration comes from  watching other Entrepreneurs work hard. Facebook also played a big part in inspiring me. It is a hub for all types of businesses, great for networking, dissemination of hard truths, information and entertainment.
Since late 2016, we’ve customized so many items; T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Jackets (Flight, Denim, Leather and Wool) and Shoes.
Do you do vending events?
Frances: We’ve participated in 6 Vending events so far and as a person with more than 10+ years of Customer Service and Sales experience, I truly pride myself on providing a great experience to my customers.
Regarding the question about other business ventures, last Summer, I made 8 pairs of Custom Pom Pom Sandals and they sold really well, no two pair were alike. It was so awesome to see people wear something that I designed myself and now its happening with the “IMSODC” brand. My partner is a great source of motphoto4ivation, he’s been an Entrepreneur for more than 20 years and has definitely influenced and motivated me to stay the course and stay hungry.
Let me just say…
I love to see a GREAT partnership in business, I believe that is very important because without a great partner that’s motivated…you can’t grow to your full potential!
How do you overcome adversity as an entrepreneur?….People don’t understand we go thru many ups and downs its not as easy as some may think…so how do you handle adversity?
Frances: On dealing with adversity, I lean on my partner and his past experiences to help me overcome difficulty. I’m also always trying to discover ways to set us apart from others and keep the brand fresh. I update pictures daily on our Instagram page, ImSoDConline. We’re currently working on the website and will be done by mid-June.
Frances: A special shout out to all of our Supporters, without them there would truly be no Us. I am sincerely grateful. I love receiving pics, please keep them coming and hashtag us!!!!! #IMSODC
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years with your business endeavors?
Frances: Within the next 5 years, I do envision the brand being in a retail store.
Bonus question: If you could time travel back to day one of your startup and have 15 min with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heart ache, what would you tell yourself?
Frances: If I were to go back to when I initially became a partner and took ownership, I honestly would not change a thing. I love communicating with customers and recommending styles, etc.  I enjoy learning new things and discovering ways to better the business.
Thanks so much for sharing your story of the IMSODC Brand with everyone Frances Hall! Let the people know how they can reach out to purchase or contact you for a vending event…
Contact IMSODC by email at: imsodconline@gmail.com or

Follow on Instagram: Imsodconline

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