B.M.W StarBiz of the Month

Its that time again!! As you know, each month Business Minded Women, B.M.W  showcases a Business Woman of the Month to spotlight her success, along with the hard work and dedication that is put into keeping them focused everyday!

This month’s Business Minded Women of the Month is Cheron McCrae owner and operator of Clutter Free Professional Organizing Services, LLCFB_IMG_1491315383471

Great speaking with you today!

Give us some background on yourself and how you got started in your business.

I began with a cleaning business which transitioned into an organizing business. Initially, I started the business to earn extra money, then realized the value of helping others. One day cleaning my client’s home, I offered to organized her closet because it was utterly chaotic, and the feeling it gave me once it was completed was fulfilling, the relief and freedom my client felt was even more rewarding. Afterwards, I organized my client’s kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and garage. I’ve focused on organizing and decluttering ever since. I still clean here and there but my focus is more on organizing for sure. It has truly become my passion and it comes so natural for me. Clutter Free has changed the lives for many of clients, and for that I’m grateful. It changed my life as well.

What brought you to Business Minded Women, B.M.W and what have your experience being with the group?

The name is what really grabbed my attention, I identified with it instantly. It has given me the platform to promote my business, connect with other business minded women and the ability to share and get new ideas for my own business. It’s an amazing networking platform that supports entrepreneurial women in a major way.


How does the group benefit you/your business?

The ability to promote my business and display my passion is one of the enormous benefits. I’ve also learned so much about entrepreneurship and women empowerment. The support that BMW provides is outstanding, I’m grateful to be a part of this group.

What inspired you to start your business and to start this type of company?

To be completely honest, you could have never told me in a million years that I would be a business owner, let alone be successful at it. I just needed to earn extra money to make ends meet at the time. It was easy to start, minimum overhead cost and I knew that I was an exceptional cleaner.

Is your work commercial or residential?

Clutter Free is currently residential but looking to expand to commercial.

How many people do you have working with you?

I have 2 people that support me when needed. I also, work with a few moving companies and connections with the salvation army.

Do you do partnerships with other business owners?

Not now but looking to do partnerships in the future.

What keeps you motivated?

My devoted passion to help others and the ability change their lives in the process, it completely fulfills me.

How do you overcome adversity as an entrepreneur?

It’s not as easy as some may think…so how do you handle adversity? I’ve learned as an entrepreneur there will many ups and downs, it comes with the territory. I make sure I learn from all my mistakes, accept constructive criticism and I keep pushing through and never quit is how I overcome my adversities. 

How can people reach you if they need your services?

I am in the process of having my website developed and Facebook business page recreated, for right now I can be reached at cmccrae77@gmail.com or 202-744-7332.

If you have any other questions regarding Cheron’s business or want to set up an appointment with her contact 202.744.7332!

Thank you for speaking with me today Cheron! I wish you much success with your business!!!