Why is having Good Credit so Important??

I’ve added some of my own experiences here along with my conversations with Credit Expert Bonita Grant owner of Cure My Credit Scores to share with you the importance of having good credit. I think this is something we all should know and should be sharing with those who want to learn more about how to fix credit issues and gain a higher credit score.bad credit good credit

When I was coming up, the topic of having good credit or how to prepare financially, was rarely talked about. As I got older is when I started to learn more about the importance of maintaining good credit and teaching my son things I’d learned about having good credit.

After having conversations with Ms Grant about this she shared her experiences and beliefs on the subject which made a lot of sense, stating that “certain cultures educate their families early about credit. The majority of her clients are people of color and she believes that mis-education of people of color is intentional and systematic.” YES! I had to agree with her. To add to that, we have to educate each other, the more we learn the more we can teach and share with our children so they can share with their children.

What do you think lenders want to see when purchasing a home?? How are you able to purchase a new car without having a super high interest rates?? Renting is even arefinancing-bad-credit.jpg problem without having good credit…I could go on and on…but I think you get the picture…investing in your dream home, a business, a new vehicle, obtaining credit cards, renting or purchasing anything is why having good credit is so important. Our credit expert states in her experience, if you ask a Loan officer would you rather have a client that has good credit and a little money or a client that has a lot of money and bad credit, they will always say the person with good credit.  With good credit all doors are open. The feedback received from clients is that their lives are changed after their credit score improves.

When I asked credit expert Bonita about her thoughts on my question, In your opinion, why do you think we forget about credit and how important it is? Bonita shared, “I don’t think we forget, I think we are taught that other things like fancy clothes and cars are more important than owning your house. I think we are taught that only rich people can own their houses. I think some are taught to be afraid of credit cards.” This is true, and to me credit cards can be intimidating, especially if you are not educated on how to use one. I told myself I never wanted another credit card ever again. It took me years to get another one, not only because my credit was a mess, but I was afraid I would abuse my card.

These days we have so much technology and social media we can find things so much easier, and now we have more companies willing to help and teach us how to have better credit and maintain better financial situations. It’s really just a matter of finding the RIGHT company that works for you. I use to try to fix my own credit, however I couldn’t find the time or the patience. It was good for me to find a great company to work with me and all of my many questions.

When I attended the “Real Estate Ladies Rock” event in 2016 I made so many great contacts one of which was a young lady named Bonita Grant, Credit Expert and owner of Cure My Credit Scores I called her the very next business day! When I say she got me results…She went over and beyond to help me I asked questions, she was patient, friendly, helpful and professional my scores actually jumped 179 points in 1 month!

Bonita worked with me for about 4 to 5 months and she got my scores right where they need to be!

Bonita was able to remove derogatory items from my credit report in no time. I asked her prior to her helping me, what does your company do to help people with bad credit, she said “We educate our client on how credit works.  Our goal is to make people credit experts so that they can teach their families how credit works. We write the letters that help get the negative items off their report and help them add positive credit ensuring that they get to a 700 or greater in a short amount of time. We are very affordable and we have payment plans so that everyone can access our services.” And she was not lying! She lived up to her word. With that, I thought I needed to share her with all of my readers! Try her for yourself…

For more information, contact Bonita Grant