Starting /Re-Starting Your Business in 2017

Are you ready to get your business started but not sure where to to begin? Do you already have a business but need to get re-focused? First things first getting started is the easy part, maintaining your business can be difficult, owning a business it takes a lot of time, focus and sacrifice.

After you have registered your business with your state. Finding your niche is the best way to get your business started, once you’ve found your niche, find out what your customers needs are and how you can help them, educate them on the service or product you offer. Be sure you are able to fund your business and you at least have a 3 to 5 year business plan in place. Follow through on your plan step by step, do not allow anything to take you off of your focus of your goals and what you want to do. Also, keep in mind that your business is not going to “blow up” when you want it to, it will take time at least 2 to 3 years before you see a real profit. It all depends on you and your business.

Everyone will not see your vision and everyone you think will support you, will not in the beginning, but once you start to make money everyone will soon want to be your friend and be supporters of your business, mark my word!

Let me share something with you all, I started my business in 2010, I re-branded twice because there were things I had to focus on outside of my business…I wasn’t able to find the balance needed for business and personal so I stopped my business for a while and got re-focused, during that time I had to ask myself questions, one was – is it worth putting the time and energy back into it to continue with all the work I have put into my business?? The good thing is  I have some really good business friends that have owned their businesses for years that I spoke to and that encouraged me to continue. I did not listen to the naysayers, I did not pay attention to those who tried to take me off focus any longer. I told myself I will continue and PUSH THROUGH no matter how rough it got!

So my advise to anyone that’s serious about starting a business or re-starting your business is to always be honest with yourself, surround yourself with people that can relate and that has been there, those that are positive yet honest with you, understand what worked for you in the past and what didn’t work for you, this can be applied when starting and re-starting your business.

So first things first, Find your niche and do your RESEARCH!

Research your industry, learning all you can about what’s trending, what’s new…talk to others and learn from them…create your OWN plan, short-term goals and long term goals.

Next, learn your customers/clients, get people excited about your product or services and follow through on what you can offer. Remember, your customers/clients will bring you referrals. Don’t go overboard making promises you cannot keep.

Marketing! Market your business ONLINE and OFFLINE. Find great ways to market your business and find strategies that work for your business.

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